The Pioneer Project
What is the Pioneer Project
We have quenched our thirst of adventure with exciting movies and video games while having never tasted the real thing for ourselves. If I were to ask you when your last adventure was, would you even remember? Have you ever stepped out in faith? Maybe just thinking about a third world country has caused you to reach into your ​pocket to grab the all-important antibacterial hand gel. We have become a people afraid. Afraid of what? Everything! Of germs, of the economy, of the dark, of different races or cultures, afraid to fly, to drive, to swim, where does the list end? Even our children have succumbed to padded playgrounds and pampering for every skinned knee. It’s really no wonder that the toughest places in the world go unevangelized. We have lost the spirit of adventure and the spiritual desire that once motivated our forefathers. Our hope is that through these reports  readers will be inspired to pioneer new missionary works through the local church. Please request copies of the Pioneer reports via Email: [email protected]