Missions Camps
What is Missions Camp?
 The ministry concept was built upon our own pastor's experience as a missionary to the people of Malawi, Africa. Hardships in Malawi eventually led to their family returning home from the mission field. Under our pastor's leadership we have endeavored to create a valuable ministry for independent Baptist Churches and Missionaries.  Our team consists of veteran missionaries who have years of experience traveling and living in third world countries. Reaching Beyond Borders is not a missionary sending agency, nor do we usurp the authority of the local church in their missionary efforts. Our purpose is to assist local churches in specialized fields such as medical and survival training, logistics, and research.
Our Team
  1. Matt Stahlman
    Matt Stahlman
    Founder and Administrator
    For nearly 20 years Pastor Stahlman has traveled and ministered in some very difficult and remote parts of the world. His burden is to prepare young missionaries and their families for the hardships that they will certainly face in third world countries.
  2. Tony Wood
    Tony Wood
    Survival Instructor
    Brother Wood is a local pastor and friend of Faith Baptist. He has become an instrumental part of this camp and provides much of the basis for both our physical endurance training and survival skills.
  3. LTC Samuel E. Martin
    LTC Samuel E. Martin
    Training Coordinator
    In 2007 Colonel Martin joined us to bring much needed structure to our training system. Each year he brings important lessons on character, stress control and personal security.
  4. Hugh Coffee
    Hugh Coffee
    Chief Medical Instructor
    Our staff met Hugh Coffee in a training event that he was leading in Alabama. He has since revolutionized the way we view medical training. We have been blessed to have a professional of his caliber join us to prepare missionaries.
  5. Joshua Martyn
    Joshua Martyn
    Brother Josh has literally traveled into some of the most remote parts of the world. He has honed his skills in survival and cultural understanding to become an encyclopedia of world travel.
  6. Jason Dover
    Jason Dover
    The Dover family attended our first training camp in 2006. They have since lived in the Jungle of South America as missionaries to remote Indians. In recent years Jason has also had the opportunity to work in countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.